Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tank Top to Skirt DIY

Some people eat snacks at midnight. I, on the other hand, do midnight DIYs. I love the print of this top, but the shape was unflattering on me. So instead of just throwing it away, I turned it into a comfy summer skirt. (I promise it's super easy and there's no sewing involved!) All you need for this DIY is a pair of scissors and a cotton tank with a ruffle at the bust and elastic at the waist.
Here's the how-to:

Step 1: Cut off the straps.

Step 2: Now it's time to remove the ruffle. Cut as close to the edge as you can. Take care to not cut the elastic. (P.S. Keep the fabric from the ruffle. It will come in handy for a future DIY!)

Step 3: Remove the elastic around the waist of the top. Do you see the area that is circled in the picture above? Carefully cut that off and you will be able to easily remove the elastic. 

And volia! You're done! See? Wasn't that easy?

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