Monday, July 25, 2011

Corsage Necklace DIY

"It's been a long time since I came around. Been a long time but I'm back in town." -Lady Gaga, Ü & I

I know that it's been well over a week since I posted and I apologize profusely. I've been busy with helping plan my church's 150th anniversary, running a craft club for the Sunday School kids, AND planning for Cub Scouts. Yes, I also am a Cub Scout den leader. And yes, I start planning in July even though the first meeting isn't until September. Suffice to say, life has been busy. 

Anyway, here is a DIY I did a about a month ago. Like my tank top to skirt DIY, this one is also super easy. All you need is a corsage (mine was 25 cents at AC Moore), chain (mine already had a clasp attached. You can buy one like that, or just attach a jump ring to close the chain), and a pair of scissors. 

The first step is to separate all the different parts of the corsage. Simply unwrap the thin paper wrapped around the stem and the pieces will separate easily. 

To attach the different pieces to the chain, simply wrap around a link as shown. Wrap it twice so it's secure and trim the excess wire with scissors. Tuck the cut edge into the wrapped wire. Do this for all the pieces. 

Et volia! You're done! Super easy and the result is gorgeous. 

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